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Windsor Liberal Democrats

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Windsor Riverside Development Consultation 2020-21

Over the past few weeks the Liberal Democrats in Windsor have launched "Save Alexandra Gardens 2020" our campaign to stop excessive development at the Alexandra Gardens Coach and Car Parks.

As part of the Campaign we have:

Why is this happening now?

Under the current Conservative Administration the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead's council have got into significant debt. To pay off the debt large amounts of our (residents') public assets are being sold off in what local Lib Dems are calling the "Fire Sale Flog Off".

Why don't we know the details?

Plans for development along Windsor Riverside, including at Alexandra Gardens appear to have been in development for over a year. 12 months ago an argument on social media between two prominent local Conservatives led to us asking for information on the plans by means of a Freedom of Information Act request. The council refused the request citing an exemption for decisions still in the process of being taken, however the refusal notice effectively confirmed that plans were being developed in secret.

More recently we issued a Press Release which was used as the basis for stories in local media. The Conservative response to this press release provided further confirmation that the secret plans existed. In parallel we have renewed our FOI request to have the plans made public.

What's the Lib Dem View?

What's the Scope of this Survey?

In the abscence of proper, early, public consultation from the Conservative led council, in this survey we ask you what you think should happen to the land along Windsor's riverside and around Alexandra Gardens including these areas:

Most of these areas have been suggested in the past for development as part of previous Council plans or as part of the Windsor Link Railway proposals put forward by a former Conservative Councillor. We have included others because they are currently undeveloped (and consequently may be proposed for development at some future point) and form part of the Windsor riverscape.

In terms of constructing the survey our "Quick Answers" in the survey we have included every possible use of each site we could imagine. For the avoidance of doubt, the inclusion of any possible use for any given site does not mean that Windsor Liberal Democrats are advocating that use.

Consultation Questionnaire