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New Crossing for Clewer Hill Road

August 27, 2021 1:36 PM
By Windsor Lib Dems in

Clewer Hill Road Crossing Road Surface New Belisha Beacon Zebra Crossing (K Davies)

New Road Surface and Zebra Crossing at Clewer Hill Road

Following on from the recent traffic survey in Clewer Hill Road organised by Clewer East's Cllr Karen Davies, the council has now installed a new quieter road surface in Clewer Hill Road along with a new pedestrian crossing designed to improve life for pedestrians, particularly children and families walking to school at Clewer Green School.

"We've had some really positive feedback from residents on the resurfaced stretch of Clewer Hill Road, saying it has reduced road noise and that the raised crossing has slowed down traffic without creating additional noise. Everyone also seemed to think the work was done in a considerate manner, which is good to hear. The contractors returned promptly at my request to add the 'triangular' road markings to emphasise the crossing." says Lib Dem Karen Davies.

Heavy traffice using Clewer Hill Road, particularly HGVs and skip lorries using Clewer Hill Road early in the morning have been raised as an issue and the Lib Dems are keen to have more information about these vehicles, particularly those residents spot regularly, so we can follow up on this and see if alternatives routes might be possible. Contact us at with any information you have about regular early morning lorries.

Dropped Curb Addington Close Clewer Hill Road Windsor Double Yellow lines (K Davies)

Promised dropped Curbs at Clewer Hill Road are still awaited

"We haven't forgotten the issue with heavy traffic - and the impact of Legoland traffic - in this area and have written to officers to ask for more information and a discussion about this to be started.

We're very keen to get the next stretch of Clewer Hill Road resurfaced in the same way too.

We were expecting Addington Close to get some dropped kerbs installed (for pedestrians with pushchairs, wheeled walkers etc) whilst the resurfacing work on Clewer Hill Road was done. As you can see that hasn't happened yet but we are chasing it up!" says Karen.