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Infrastructure Overview and Scrutiny Panel: An update on the Clewer East mini-roundabouts

March 12, 2020 8:56 PM
By Amy Tisi

Some months ago, I asked for the double roundabouts scheme to be added to the work programme for the overview and scrutiny Amy Tisi and Karen Davies at the Hatch Lane junctionpanel. I was keen to hear a report into the consultation process, the trial and subsequent implementation of the roundabouts, which took place during 2019.

At Thursday's meeting, officers presented a report and Karen and I were then able to ask questions about the process. The consultation was of particular interest. I queried:

▪️ Why it was not made clear in the original consultation that keeping the roundabouts would mean zebra crossings for pedestrians?
▪️ Why zebra crossings were not included in the trial?
▪️Why MOVA (smart) traffic lights were not specially mentioned as an option and whether 'upgrade to traffic lights' was clear to the public?
▪️ Whether road safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers has increased, decreased or stayed the same since implementing the scheme?

Karen asked:
▪️Why a report on the roundabout proposal was not sent to cabinet for their approval but was 'shelved' and the decision made by the then Lead Member (Cllr Bicknell) with officers?

She acknowledged that traffic flow through the junction east-west and west-east was much better but that the experience of locals who travel across the junction on foot or cycle might differ from those who use it as a way to cross Windsor quickly.

A representative of the Cycle forum raised the point that accident hotspots in the borough are centred around roundabouts, with the worst being the one at the other end of Parsonage Lane. They pointed out that the scheme is the beginning of the new Windsor 'quiet cycle route' and that numbers of cyclists would increase in the area as a result.

Officers acknowledged that the consultation may not have been clear enough for residents to get a good picture of the options available for the junction and assumed a level of technical knowledge that might not be held by many.

Zebra crossings were not used in the trial as it would have been difficult to put them in place if they had to removed again. It was acknowledged that it would have been helpful to include reference to zebra crossings in the original consultation, as we pointed out that it was a shock to many residents that pedestrian operated lights would not be in the final scheme.

A post-completion (Stage 3) safety audit has been carried out and I've asked for this to be forwarded to me.