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Stronger Economy, Fairer Society

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  • Document: Apr 25, 2015
  • Article: Apr 23, 2015

    Speaking in a live BBC Radio Berkshire debate, Labour's candidate for Windsor would not say whether she supported the expansion plans at Heathrow.

    Lib Dem George Fussey said he was opposed opposed to expansion.

    Mr Fussey said: "The Lib Dems are implacably opposed to an extra runway. We don't want an extra 260,000 flights from Heathrow, we don't want an extra 50 million visitors flying from Heathrow, we don't want the congestion it's going to create, the disruption the build is going to create and we don't want the pollution.

  • key_nick-school-children.jpg
    Article: Apr 21, 2015
    By The Liberal Democrats - party HQ in Website - we copied across from Wokingham party

    The Liberal Democrats have released their 2015 General Election manifesto, describing it as a 'manifesto with opportunity at its heart'.

    The 33,000 word document is a detailed and credible plan to build both a stronger economy and a fairer society.

    The manifesto includes:

    Opportunity for children: with investment in education from nursery to 19 and qualified teachers in every classroom

  • Article: Apr 10, 2015
    By George Fussey in Press Release from George Fussey / Windsor Liberal Democrats

    Patients in Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead will benefit from £1.1m of new investment under a new "Care Closer to Home" fund launched by the Liberal Democrats. This targets care in people's own homes, GP surgeries, care homes and community clinics and is designed to help people to stay healthier for longer and avoid hospital admissions.

  • Aircraft noise
    Article: Apr 10, 2015
    By Personal Statement from George Fussey

    Heathrow 3 - Where I stand by George Fussey

    To avoid any doubt at all, can I say that Liberal Democrats are against a third runway at Heathrow on environmental grounds alone. It is unthinkable that the skies over our heads will have to cope with 50% more flights (rising to over 700,000 per year). Expansion will make it inevitable that flight paths will blight the lives of many more residents as attempts are made to fill what are already overcrowded skies. The noise and air pollution caused by the traffic to such an overblown airport would make life in Windsor, Eton and Ascot totally intolerable. Having lived and worked in the constituency for the last thirty years I accept that I may have stronger views on this issue than many other candidates. It is also worth remembering that we have Labour to thank for the third runway proposals in the first place and that, on this issue, they cannot even agree amongst themselves. I give residents in Windsor my personal guarantee that as their MP I will oppose a third runway no matter what.
  • Windsor's Fire Engine
    Petition: Apr 1, 2015


    Since the proper Fire Station at St Mark's Road closed, Windsor's Fire Engine (now based in Slough) has been deployed with just 4 fire fighters.

    Campaigning over 10 years Windsor Liberal Democrats' "Save Windsor Fire Station campaigners" stalled plans to close Windsor Fire Sation and brought the issue to the top of the agenda locally.

  • Event: May 7, 2015 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
    Windsor Polling Stations

    UK General Election on Thursday May 7th 2015 will include elections of Members of Parliament to The House of Commons, and some local council elections including in Windsor.

    We will be campaigning hard to win strong support from the people of the Windsor consituency, and secure the seat for our excellent local candidate George Fussey.

  • Councillors Allowances Graph
    Article: Mar 30, 2015
    By Liberal Democrats Windsor Constituency

    Liberal Democrats in the Royal Borough will halve Councillors' Allowances if elected in May.

    The Conservatives' top priority when elected to lead the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in May 2007 was to award themselves a massive 97% increase in their basic allowances.

    The Conservatives' plans for the 97% increase in their own pay were not mentioned anywhere in their election literature at the time.

  • heathrow plane noise
    Article: Mar 28, 2015
    By Liberal Democrats Windsor Constituency


    The Liberal Democrats' candidate for Windsor in 2015 has called for voters across the Royal Borough to boycott Labour in the upcoming local and parliamentary elections if they value a good night's sleep.

    The move is in response to the Labour Party's plans for a third runway at Heathrow which will increase and extend the aircraft noise misery already experienced by most people in Windsor.

    Nationally the Conservatives have refused to say where they stand on Heathrow, instead they have set up an "Airports Commission" to consider the possibilities and report back after the election.

    "Labour's plans for an extra runway at Heathrow represent a significant threat to the quality of life for people in Windsor and other nearby areas. People in Windsor already know the misery of aircraft noise too well, but recent experiments have extended this misery to people around Ascot as well. Labour's third runway can only extend the aircraft noise misery over a wider area and more hours of the day."

    says the Lib Dems' Parliamentary Candidate George Fussey.

    George Fussey is also worried about the effects of pollution caused by emissions, not only from the aircraft but also the traffic congestion on the ground.

    "Living in Central Windsor I'm only too aware of the constant noise form aircraft landing and taking off from Heathrow. I'm proud that whereas the Labour Party are offering Windsor more noise and pollution, the Lib Dems are committed opposing Heathrow Expansion. It's just a shame that nationally the Conservative Party refuse to tell the public where they stand on Heathrow."

    says Julian Tisi, who is standing for the Liberal Democrats in Clewer East in the Royal Borough Elections.

    Windsor Liberal Democrats are launching a new, "No Heathrow 3", petition which can be signed online at: http://SignMe.org.uk/1082.

  • Eton town centre - street sign reference picture
    Article: Mar 25, 2015
    In Slough and South Bucks Observer, 21 March

    Councillor makes call on pollution levels in his town over fears they may be reaching dangerous levels.

    Cllr Fussey teaches biology at Eton College as well as serving as curator at the famous school's Natural History Museum.

    He raised his concerns at this month's meeting of Eton Town Council - only weeks after it was revealed that Arthur Road in Windsor was suffering pollution levels well above those official recommended.

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